Basset Rescue Network, Inc. (BaRNi) at Daphneyland

rescues basset hounds and mixes in Los Angeles, California.
Phone: 661-269-2682; Email:

Adoption Location: 6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510. Directions
11AM - 5PM on Saturday & Sunday. NO WEEKDAY adoptions! Application


Donations Needed for dogs like PEARL!

" My impound number was #A846670 @ Riverside shelter. I was just skin and bones. Basset Rescue Network fed me and gave me vet care. Now I am Pearl and I sleep on the couch in my adoptive home. Please donate so BaRNi can help other dogs like me. "


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Volunteer by Fostering


We are always need families or individuals who are willing to open their homes on a temporary, or long-term basic for animals in need.

Foster families are an important part of animal rescue. Fosters are able to provide the much need love and shelter, while Basset Rescue Network provides the food, and covers any medical expenses.


If you are interested in learning more about fostering an animal, or meet some of our animals in need of fostering, please give Dawn a call at 661-269-2682, or send email at

You Can Help


Shelter need your help cleaning kennels, picking up poops in the yard, bathing, feeding, cleaning food, water bowls, playing with animals, and assisting at adoption events.


Even a few hours of your time each week makes a huge difference to our shelter.

All you need is making some time for the animals at our shelter. We will show you the rest. You will feel so wanted.

We are a no-killed animal shelter.

Your happy tears are only flowing, when your favorite hound gets adopted.

Volunteer Your Time

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Millions of pets are abandoned, or left homeless each year. Many homeless pets are end up at our shelter waiting for their loving homes.

Many hounds are waiting for volunteers to give them some petting, a bath, or just a kind gesture by simply calling their names, when they come to you for attention.


The animals get fed, a warm place to live, yards to hang out; but they are missing one on one contact. That's you.


Please come and give these rescue animals some one on one time.