Basset Rescue Network, Inc. (BaRNi) at Daphneyland

rescues basset hounds and mixes in Los Angeles, California.
Phone: 661-269-2682; Email:

Adoption Location: 6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510. Directions
11AM - 5PM on Saturday & Sunday. NO WEEKDAY adoptions! Application


Donations Needed for dogs like PEARL!

" My impound number was #A846670 @ Riverside shelter. I was just skin and bones. Basset Rescue Network fed me and gave me vet care. Now I am Pearl and I sleep on the couch in my adoptive home. Please donate so BaRNi can help other dogs like me. "


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We adopted out 260 bassets and mixes in 2008 with your generous donation

Will & Chance Will is a pit bull mix. Chance is a shepherd mix. They were "evidence dogs". BaRNI saves other breeds too.
Julie dog Julie was a pit mix. She was fostered by Basic Needs Foundation and was adopted. Her sad story & new happy home after 9-10 months.

Basset Rescue Network by "aircoder", Southern California Basset hound Rescue at Daphneyland.

Hounds of Daphneyland by "mccapers". Hounds are rolling on the dirt & howling in the wind in the high desert.

Denise gave Bodie a bath in a sunny day!
Ooh I Love My Ears

YOU MATTER! Please donate & forward our website to others as appropriate


dogs If you are a volunteer and you have new video like Dave taken at the shelter, please let us know.
dogs Each dog has a story. The list is very long. Each dog has a set of specific needs.
dogs We promote educational programs of nutritional awareness, spay and neuter.
dogs Our organization's focus is placed on the hounds that are not perfect.
parvo puppy chance Chance is a 9-week old puppy with parvo, pneumonia, emaciated. We want him.
parvo puppy chance Chance is getting better every day. His vet bill alone is $2556.50. Please donate.
Victoria Groomer Has It 2 at Basset Rescue Network/Daphneyland. Victoria Stillwell: Host and trainer .

The following short videos give donors a glimpse of hounds' life at our shelter


Arcadia picnic 2010 Sunday, October 24, 2010
The 56th Annual Basset Hound Picnic at Arcadia Park, CA. Video
Denise & Bodie A Day at Daphneyland with Denise . Taken in 2010. Hounds need petting.
Happy Holiday video Happy Holiday from the shelter
Video taken on Dec. 10, 2011 - Your donation is at work.
Video of dogs Friends are many. Food is great at the shelter, but All dogs LOVE to to be adopted!
Dogs Shelter has 5 exercise yards. All dogs sleep inside. Day time they hang out in yards playing.
Wheelchair dog walking Paralyzed dog walking among buddies with aid of a donated wheelchair - It's handi-ABLE!
Dogs Will you open your home to foster, or adopt one of these dogs?
dogs Dogs eat high quality dog food, Healthwise from Natura. Food cost is $1,750 per month.