Basset Rescue Network, Inc. (BaRNi) at Daphneyland

rescues basset hounds and mixes in Los Angeles, California.
Phone: 661-269-2682; Email:

Adoption Location: 6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510. Directions
11AM - 5PM on Saturday & Sunday. NO WEEKDAY adoptions! Application


Donations Needed for dogs like PEARL!

" My impound number was #A846670 @ Riverside shelter. I was just skin and bones. Basset Rescue Network fed me and gave me vet care. Now I am Pearl and I sleep on the couch in my adoptive home. Please donate so BaRNi can help other dogs like me. "


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West Coast BROADS

West Coast BROADS (Basset Rescue Organization Allied Division) uniting California's 9 basset rescue groups into a networking to cover the entire state of California.


By networking with participating member groups, we are able to rehabilitate and re home more hounds than ever. During this critical economic crisis, where families are displaced and homeless and their companion bassets become victims, the WCB networking can geographically move hounds in crisis to a group that may have available room or excess foster situations.


Basset on the couch

Networking Affiliates

BaRNI strives to assist the communities they serve - Our statistics have changed during the 2008/2011 years.

Whereas prior to this financial crisis our average intake was a stray or a hound displaced due to a baby in the family, our intakes are now 85% financial crisis intakes.

Families loosing homes due to foreclosure or eviction, relocating out of state into a pet unfriendly rental market, families cohabitants in single family dwelling and unable to take companion animals or the rising costs of veterinarian care. Desperate times have created the need for community networking programs.


Basic Needs Foundation, Inc. collaborates with BaRNI by assisting Antelope Valley Area Residents with pet food and human resources when in crisis, through the above networking; assistance can also be given geographically to California Residents thru the affiliate program areas.