DaphneyLand's "Sustainability" Campaign

As many know, we have been struggling to save the ranch.  We have raised the funds necessary to do this, and now we are focusing on sustaining our facility!  The Sustainability Sponsorship Program allows for supporters to make a recurring donation.  This giving grid allows each donor to upload a photo - of themselves, their hounds, whatever you like.  Once you donate to this general funding purpose, our volunteers will contact you and ask if you would like to set up recurring donations ranging from $10 a month and up.  General funds pay for food, supplements, vet care, supplies, utilities, insurance, lease payments, water, and everything it takes to keep a full facility running!

Saving Basset Hounds. It's what we do.


Breaking News from DaphneyLand...

Back in February a little girl was brought in. The family had adopted her from a shelter. Emaciated, paralyzed, in pain, their vet thought she would not make it, and that thousands and thousands of dollars would be needed. The recommendation was euthanasia. Not wanting to believe she could not be saved, she was brought here to us at Daphneyland. Months of rehab resulted in the full recovery and formal adoption of that little girl - Ginger is now back and ready to rule the house - with that family! Happy Gotcha Day Ginger! ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday August 2nd

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Rarely is there a product that we shout out the praises of. Today is one of those rare happenings. Last week, a donation was made to us here through a networking we did, and a donation of these BRILLIANT harnesses was made here to Daphneyland. THESE ARE FABULOUS!!! Every dog owner MUST HAVE ONE!!
Watch the video Harnesslead.com Seriously the BEST.
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Sunday August 2nd

Update: 7:22 p.m. Request filled, thank you Vicki!!!
We have an emergency intake/transport situation. Is anyone available to pick up a hound in Santa Maria and transport to Daphneyland this weekend?? Please email Basset911@aol.com if you are available!
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Friday July 31st

Doris was saved by wonder Indi rescuer Yolanda. Doris was a special case and we brought her on in. At 9 years old this little basset/blood mix was going to be a bit tough to place. Then the miracle happened. A young lady, wanting a senior fell in love with Doris. Two visits later and today a homecheck was set up. How could we let monsoon storms, flash flood warnings and lightening hits stop Doris from her forever home? We did not. Happy Gotcha Day Doris!! ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday July 30th

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