DaphneyLand on TV this Fall!

Our Wrangling Team participated once again in The Hilaroo Foundation Youth Program, a reality show which will air in the fall.  tvguide  This fall we will be highlighted on Save our Shelters.  The show airs on the CW every Saturday and helps to bring awareness to rescue.  This was a great opportunity for us to get some repair work done for the hounds.
October also brings us our next fundraiser – The Basset Hound Picnic!  October 16, 2016 in Arcadia Park – hundreds of hounds will gather for fun, games, costume contests and just to delight in the love of the basset hound!  Daphneyland will run the raffle again this year, and we hope to have wonderful items, get to catch up with all our Alumni and smile the day away watching the hounds enjoying a good time in the park!

Please plan on joining us for the picnic, get those costumes ready!  If you have items to donate for the raffle, we need all we can get!  Give us a call or drop us an email to let us know if you can help!  The Club always needs additional help in the form of volunteers, set up begins at 8 a.m. and tear down lasts until 4-5 pm, so helping hands are certainly needed!

Breaking News from DaphneyLand...

Please welcome Coco Bean to Daphneyland ... a sweetie who's family had to make a hard decision due to extenuating circumstances. This is a note Coco Bean sent to us on Tuesday.and she is now enroute to Daphneyland.

"Dear Auntie Dawn,
I just got back from the Spa and had a lovely day getting all cleaned up, brushed out and nails done. I look marvelous.
It is my understanding that I might be coming to see you and go to “boarding school”, although I love my family here, it would be nice to find a calm, quiet home that I can be the Princess. I deserve it after all I have gone through in life.
Whenever that door is open for me, please let me know. I will bring my own bed, a bag of apples, cuz’ I LOVE apples, and my Mom & Dad have some boxes of bones and other things for you.
Give me a buzz. I smell really good right now ! You should see me!
Coco Bean
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Thursday September 22nd

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TEAR ALERT: Many know our girl Gina. That spicy trollop originating from Russia that had a long history with us here at Daphneyland. Originally coming to us via Pasadena Humane with bladder stones, she was rehabbed and placed in what we thought was her forever home. Many years later her adoptive Mom suffered severe health crisis and Gina came back at the end of her life. Gina LOVED the ranch. Cold evenings this Russian born girl would find the best outdoor hiding place and we would have to hunt her up to bring her inside during snowstorms and rain. As the years marched on Gina danced for cookies and was such a loving and happy girl. At the age of 18, long time friend Louise Crane adopted our Gina and gave her a home. At the end of her life, Gina was in a home with her family. Thank you Louise for giving her that!!! It is with a full heart we share Louise news and the final photo of our Gina.

"Gina passed in her sleep last weekend. even though it was brief i really enjoyed having her here and she really fit in perfectly. i just wanted to thank you for letting me be her final resting place. "

Gina Crane of Daphneyland - ATB and dancing in snowstorms.
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Wednesday September 21st

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Daphneyland Alumni Sam (Known now as Ernie) has a role as "Big Ears".
Enjoy the trailer.....
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Monday September 19th